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Random reflections on the week

I have been a detective for 4 1/2 years now.   It is all starting to kinda feel routine.  I have lost the excitement for the job.  I think part of it is I tire of people committing crimes and just getting a slap on the wrist after I put countless hours on a case to put their ass in jail.  Heroin and meth are huge and it seems no one works and everyone I deal with spends their days getting high and stealing shit.  I work and pay taxes for them to collect welfare, social security disability or whatever other program the government invented all so they can get high.  I don’t like this arrangement. 

We had snow one day last week and almost 70 degrees today.  Weird. 

Listening to jail phone calls last week really made me realize what a great upbringing I had.  I never had to call my mom from jail and ask her to lie for me.  I never yelled and cussed at my mom from a jail cell yet some people do it like it is a completely normal occurrence.

Did a search warrant where we placed two kids with family so Mom and the boyfriend could go to jail.  They were super cooperative I think due to the methamphetamine they just injected(it’s pretty hard core to inject it rather than smoke it).  They had an awesome home made porn (read selfies) collection hanging on the walls in the bedroom like it was the damn Guggenheim Museum. 

On a good note, I have really found my groove in Crossfit.  I’m still going in the late afternoon after work and I am slowly starting to see my body transform into something strong and healthy.  I think my life needs more Crossfit and less work. 

Happy Easter.

Work, Crossfit and Scheduling

I am faced with a dilemma.  After last week due to work situations I only made it to Crossfit twice.  This is unacceptable to me and I need to figure out a way for this to not happen again. 

Some background:

I have an awesome job.  I have a pretty awesome boss.  I can start my day when I want and most of the time I can leave when I want, but last week there were two days that I had to stay late, and there was just no way for me to get out early. 

To add to this problem is that we are going to probably lose two detectives to other agencies, and one to medical leave for the summer.  My case load also goes up during the summer. 

And then the most important part, I am not a morning person, I like my sleep.   I like to wake up and have puppy snuggles.  I like to go to work at my own pace, but I don’t see this needing to stay late for some crisis ending any time soon. 

What do I do? 

Here are the CF WOD times and what my work start time would be: 

5 a.m. (not gonna happen)

6 a.m. WOD, which means out of bed at 5:15, out the door by 5:30, workout from 6 to 7, start work at 8, work until 4, in bed at night by 8:45. 

9:30 a.m. WOD.  Out of bed at 8:45, out the door at 9, I would be up anyway so it’s not really an issue.  The kicker, I would start work at 11:15 a.m. and work until 7:15 pm.  I could really go to bed when I want, is this is crappy schedule? 

My other WOD times are 5pm and 6pm, and it’s iffy for me to get there with the current situation at work. 

I want to go at 6 a.m. but I have such a difficult time falling asleep.  How long would it take me to adjust to that kind of getting up early?  Can I do it consistently?  Will I keep finding excuses to stay in bed and go at 9:30 anyway. 

Help Tumblr!

Right back at ya!

Pedicure tradition…

My neighbor and I go get pedicures,  and then go to the bar for a cocktail.   Today I brought a “raspberry lemonade” with.   I might have added something to it.

Pedicure tradition…

My neighbor and I go get pedicures, and then go to the bar for a cocktail. Today I brought a “raspberry lemonade” with. I might have added something to it.

Pizza Party with Ruby, Ella, Carson and Sophie.   Ruby is on a “play date” with Ella and all are “sharing” pizza with T-Bobby.

Pizza Party with Ruby, Ella, Carson and Sophie. Ruby is on a “play date” with Ella and all are “sharing” pizza with T-Bobby.

Crossfit awesomeness

This week by far has been my best week of Crossfit. I felt strong, fit, fast and agile. I didn’t quit. I ate well and I am starting to see these muscle things.

Sometimes it’s the little things…

Today the unthinkable happened.  A family lost a child.  This child was the victim of a sudden medical emergency and life saving efforts failed.  The child was healthy for the most part and beautiful, and now a family mourns a horrific loss.  It’s something as a parent I feared, it’s something as a detective that I am required to investigate. 

The worst part of these calls for me as a compassionate person is that I want to make it better and fix it, but I can’t.  It’s heart wrenching.  Even worse is that the mother of the child was in another state visiting her parents. 

The little ray of sunshine in all of this was in the VP of customer service at the airline the mother was flying home on. She  was able to get a flight today, but she would be flying alone after learning of the death of her child.  I called this airline and they took care of this mother.  The got me gate passes for family to meet her at the gate upon arrival.  They arranged one of those golf cart things to whisk them away after she landed.  They rolled out the red carpet to try to make this situation just a little better if that is even possible. 

Sometimes in my job you lose faith in humanity, you see people do shitty things to others, but today someone restored a little of that faith. 

I’m old

At Crossfit tonight, I felt all of my 44 years. 

We started with 4X400 meter rows with a 1 minute rest, then we did 4 rounds of 30 second L sits, 5 wall climbs and 15 medicine ball sits ups. 

Finishing with a 12 minute AMRAP of 10 dumb bell cleans, 10 box jumps and 10 medicine ball lunges. 

My work computer has blocked Tumblr. Bastards.

Random stuff. 

Above are the new shoes that arrived today.  I ordered them from Zappos.  Notice the mini handcuffs?  I found them fitting for my occupation.  They are the Dr. Martens Jak Bondage Loafer.  I think they will go with most of the stuff I wear, they have good tread, and they are comfy.  As a bonus they make Trivialbob happy because he loves it when I shop. 

On Saturday night I worked an overtime shift.  Jack has never done a ride along so I brought him with.  We worked as a county wide call car.  Around 9 pm we got called to a snowmobiler who went through the ice.  We hit the lights and sirens and got there quickly.  My supervisor beat me there and got the rider out of the water.  Jack and I stripped the cold wet clothing off of the victim and got him wrapped in blankets and towels.  Later, we went to the home of the people who saved this guys life, but it wasn’t people who saved him, it was a beautiful yellow lab named “Emmie”.  Emmie was near the picture windows in this million dollar house and heard the man calling for help.  Picture Lassie alerting his owner that Timmie was in the well, it was like that.  Emmie made a ruckus and the owners then sprung into action and used a kayak on top of the ice to go pull the man out to safety.  I think Emmie needs a steak.  The rider was released from the hospital after a couple of hours and is doing just fine. 

We had a couple of other calls, and Jack has a new found excitement for his potential future career.