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Above are the new shoes that arrived today.  I ordered them from Zappos.  Notice the mini handcuffs?  I found them fitting for my occupation.  They are the Dr. Martens Jak Bondage Loafer.  I think they will go with most of the stuff I wear, they have good tread, and they are comfy.  As a bonus they make Trivialbob happy because he loves it when I shop. 

On Saturday night I worked an overtime shift.  Jack has never done a ride along so I brought him with.  We worked as a county wide call car.  Around 9 pm we got called to a snowmobiler who went through the ice.  We hit the lights and sirens and got there quickly.  My supervisor beat me there and got the rider out of the water.  Jack and I stripped the cold wet clothing off of the victim and got him wrapped in blankets and towels.  Later, we went to the home of the people who saved this guys life, but it wasn’t people who saved him, it was a beautiful yellow lab named “Emmie”.  Emmie was near the picture windows in this million dollar house and heard the man calling for help.  Picture Lassie alerting his owner that Timmie was in the well, it was like that.  Emmie made a ruckus and the owners then sprung into action and used a kayak on top of the ice to go pull the man out to safety.  I think Emmie needs a steak.  The rider was released from the hospital after a couple of hours and is doing just fine. 

We had a couple of other calls, and Jack has a new found excitement for his potential future career. 

  1. dawnversion2point0 said: I wanna do a ride along with you!
  2. run2bme said: Sure, cool story. But…Let’s go back to that leather and handcuffs….
  3. mar-kicksass said: I want to go on a ride-along tooooooo! :)
  4. iamrunner said: So great Jack gets to do them with you. And lucky man who got pulled from the ice!
  5. melanietris said: Emmie is a hero!!!
  6. snapthistiger said: great that Jack was able to see what you do first hand and some real excitement, too. those shoes are cool. Dr. Marten’s hold up really well for me. :-)
  7. runningthankful said: What a great story. And very cool shoes.
  8. clevcrew said: sweeeeet shoes!
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